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Fabricks Acoustic Brick System

Fabricks are revolutionising open plan spaces with their innovative acoustic bricks. Create a sense of privacy without having to install permanent walls that often ruin the collaborative nature of an open plan space. With their excellent acoustic abilities, the bricks also work to create a more comfortable and productive environment.

  • Class A sound absorption
  • Over 30 colours to choose from
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Can accommodate power and data cables
  • Offers a flexible solution to acoustic and privacy issues in open plan areas

Dimensions (inches): Length 7.87 / 23.62 / 47.24 x Height 7.87 / 15.75

Open plan spaces, especially in an office setting, are ideal if you want to create a collaborative space that boosts creativity. However, as fantastic as they are, they often create issues regarding acoustics, privacy, and concentration levels.

The wide-open space can produce excessive reverberation, causing small noises to echo throughout the space. This leads to a considerable number of distractions, reducing productivity and making it much more difficult for people to focus. By implementing these acoustic bricks into the space, you can create a barrier between the noise that will help to reduce reverberation.

Not only do these acoustic bricks have a plethora of benefits regarding acoustic comfort, but they also add an eye-catching design element to the space they’re installed into. The unique 3D design helps to enhance its acoustic ability whilst offering a striking visual appeal. On top of all that, the bricks are available in a wide range of colours that will seamlessly blend into the existing aesthetics of your space.

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