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Deska is an innovative acoustics brand providing high-quality wood diffuser panels. The eye-catching wood panels offer a stunning addition to your interior décor whilst dissipating sounds to improve your space’s acoustics. Shop hand crafted wood diffuser panels here.

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Deska is an impressive brand offering beautiful wood diffuser panels. Deska’s wood panels are all hand crafted and painted by hand, to ensure your product is of the very best quality available. The immaculate wood diffuser panels provide an impressive addition to any interior design and the wide range of available sizes makes them suitable for almost any space.

The panels are perfect for adding a touch of class and elegance to all kinds of environments such as offices, homes, restaurants, hotels, and more. Along with their stunning good looks, the wood panels are as functional as they are beautiful, offering outstanding acoustic benefits when installed.

Deska wood diffuser panels are an excellent acoustic solution, they work much differently to regular fabric acoustic panels. Fabric panels absorb sound to reduce excessive noise levels and reverberation. Wood diffuser panels, however, do allow sound to bounce off the panel but as it does, the sound is dissipated to reduce its negative impact on the room’s acoustics.

Got a question about Deska wood diffuser panels? Feel free to contact a member of our sales team, they’ll be happy to answer any queries or concerns you may have.

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