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Acoustic Pinboards

Acoustic Pinboards

Pinboards are an excellent feature to have in classrooms, offices, bedrooms, and kitchens. Our range of pinboards are multipurpose, acting as both a regular pinboard and an effective sound absorbing panel, improving the sound quality of a room or space whilst looking good. Choose from our own Muffle branded pinboards or from leading brands, Autex and BuzziSpace.

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Acoustic Pinboards

For functional and aesthetic acoustic products, look no further than our innovative range of pin boards. Perfect for classrooms and offices alike, the sound absorbing pinboards can be used just like any other pin board or notice board but boast excellent acoustic properties. The perfect addition to your home or office to keep track of the little things or ideal for creating a temporary creative space on a wall.

At Muffle we strongly believe in sustainability, that’s why our Muffle branded pinboards are made from 40% recycled material. They’re the optimal choice if you’re looking for a pinboard that does it all; pleases the eye, enhances acoustics, reduces excess noise, improves overall sound quality, and is environmentally friendly! Our pinboards can also be etched with your own logo or wording - ideal for offices and classrooms.

Made from sound absorbing material, when mounted on a wall they help to cut down on reverberation, reducing overall sound pressure levels and noise. We offer pinboards from top brands Autex and BuzziSpace, as well as our Muffle branded pinboards. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding our acoustic pinboards!

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