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Silent Socks

Silent Socks

Silent Socks are a Swedish based acoustic company who have made-up a way to create noise cancelling chairs. Eva Eriksson, designer, and CEO of Silent Socks launched the product to prevent scraping noises from chairs which is perfect for reducing excess noise, especially in schools, play areas and offices.

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Silent Socks - Acoustic accessories

Silent Socks

Eva Eriksson Design AB has been designing and working with products involved in the learning and playing process in schools and kindergarten for several years. Beginning the process of developing Silent Socks in 2007, the product was finally launched in 2010.

Silent Socks’ acoustic chair leg protectors work to silence scraping noises from chairs, and tables, in all kinds of environments from schools to offices and even private homes. At Muffle, we’re delighted to be able to supply Silent Socks’ innovative products that have become a huge success in improving sound quality in any environment.

If you have any queries about our selection of products from Silent Socks, feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to answer any of your questions.

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